Our Approach

Our Philosophy

Healthcare has become unique industry with multiple players. The primary understanding of current system in USA involves 4 types of major players:

1- Healthcare Insurance Providers

2- Hospitals and Clinics

3- Pharmaceutical Companies

4- Medical Device Industries

It is important to understand that how each component functions and allows for the industry to thrive and generate hundreds of billions of dollars towards economy. We are here to decode some of the mysteries surrounding standard care for patients and to allow them to navigate through maze of treatment options and deal with major players to ensure that they get the most suitable treatment options. Please note that unfortunately you as a patient is now being treated as a consumer by majority of these big players. It is your responsibility to ensure that you are equipped with right type of information to deal with such types of issues.

Our whole organization is built around gathering and sharing the most useful information. We will surely have to engage advertisers even among these major players to ensure that this site and support staff can have a living. However, we will ensure that all such advertisements do come with right type of disclaimers. Again, based on personal experiences of the people working on this mission to educate patients and their loved ones, our first and foremost responsibility will always remains towards the betterment of patients.

Our Story

It all started with my wife's first pregnancy. We were both pretty young and clueless and our lack of understanding  resulted in loosing the twins. It was indeed a traumatic experience for both me and my wife. It also made us review all the mistakes we had made and ensured that the next pregnancy resulted in most amazing blessing for both of us in form of our daughter.

This idea was always in our mind to share our unique experiences to allow for first time pregnant moms and dads to make the right choices. The idea expanded further when we experienced very hard circumstances in terms of taking care of extremely ill family members. It was indeed clear that information was available but it was not always very easy to find and apply. Again, at all times we were ensuring that we were being honest and clear to physicians and also trying our best to figure out our mistakes and ensuring that those are not repeated.

This collaboration generated the idea of patientsmustknow.com to ensure that right type of information could be made available for the patients and their loved ones.

Meet the Team


Muhammad Ahmed

Founder & CEO

A medical device engineer with over 13 years of experience dealing with variety of Class 1 , 2 &3 devices. He has through understanding and knowledge of 21 CFR Part 820, Risk Management principles per ISO 14971 and overall understanding of ISO 13485.


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