Patients Checklists

  • Regular Visits to Primary Care Physician
  • Visits to Specific Specialists

Data Analysis and Breakdown

  • FDA Recall Information
  • Links to MDR and MDD Websites to get complaint data
  • Glossary of Terms

Customized Checklists

  • Build your own specific Checklist based on your needs
  • Manage Information related to¬† different Visits
  • Find Support Groups


1- Understand the key resources available

2- Download standardized or build custom checklists to ensure right questions are asked and answered.

3- Become part of support group to help other going through similar situation.

4- Be responsible in managing your symptoms and be honest about any type of feelings with your doctors.

5- Use guides provided to ask the right questions.

6- How to manage Virtual visits with physicians.

Useful resources